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At Urban Candles, I take great pride in providing high-quality candles and exceptional customer service. I value feedback from our customers, and I encourage them to share their experiences through Google reviews. Here are some highlights from my Google reviews:

Chinee Miller, CT

"The candle I got was so nice everyone that came in loved the smell will I get more you bet. Try it you'll love it"

Michelle Poole, CT

"Oh my God, I love my candle. I love the bamboo and the passion it’s smells so freaking good is lit up the whole house. I will be coming for more. Thank you so much."

Shoshana Grant, CT

“I love everything about the candles, from the scent to the duration of the candle burning. I highly recommend to purchase!”

Sean McKelvey, CT

“Great smelling candles and they last long. Also great customer service, Cassandra knows her scents. Def will purchase again."
Katie Bowman (KTBEE), CT
"The best candles I ever bought. I can't wait to get my next order. They smell so amazing. They have the hallway smelling nice my neighbor keep saying it smells good. So I just gave her information to order."

Ketrese Barnes, CT

“Burns nice and smell so good! I absolutely love it and will be buying more!.”

Crystal Streater, CT

“I’m very pleased that I bought candles off Cassandra these candles are the real deal I burn 2 candles they make my whole first floor smell outstanding I will be a LOYAL CUSTOMER"

Koobie "Koobie Ky" Ky, CT

"Wonderful scents, burns long. Thanks so much , for these quality candles."

Valerie Barber, CT

“I love the candles the scent is awesome, long burning wicks, and burns evenly. A very good product!”

I sincerely appreciate all the valuable feedback I receive through my Google reviews. It helps me understand what my customers love about my candles and identify areas where I can continue to improve. I strive to consistently provide exceptional products and services that meet and exceed my customers' expectations.

If you have purchased my candles and would like to share your experience, I invite you to leave a Google review. I value your opinion and I am grateful for your support. Your feedback helps me with my mission to create candles that bring joy, relaxation, and a touch of luxury to your everyday life.

Thank you to all my customers who have taken the time to share their thoughts on Urban Candles. I am committed to continuously delivering excellence in my products and ensuring your candle-buying experience is a memorable one.

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