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Introducing 'Summer Sunset' a captivating candle that captures the essence of a vibrant summer morning. Delight in the tantalizing aroma of sun-ripened mandarin and juicy mimosa, invoking the feeling of sipping freshly squeezed citrus under the golden rays of dawn.


Infused with the crisp sweetness of Macintosh apple, this candle brings a touch of orchard freshness to your space, reminiscent of leisurely strolls through apple groves at daybreak. The refreshing burst of watermelon adds a juicy, fruity twist, completing the symphony of scents that will awaken your senses and enliven your spirit.


Embrace the warmth and energy of a new day with 'Summer Sunset,' the perfect companion for mornings filled with optimism and possibility. Let its invigorating fragrance uplift your mood and infuse your surroundings with a burst of sunshine, inspiring you to seize the day with renewed vitality.


8 oz

Burn time 40+ hours

Summer Sunset Scented Candle 8 oz

SKU: 6
  • Why you should try our candle:

    Burns for approximately 40-45 hours

    Infused with natural essential oils

    Our premium, proprietary wax blend is formulated to provide the best fragrance experience

    Quality cotton wicks

    High-quality from beginning to end

    Comes with a twist-on lid

    The perfect gift for anyone

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