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Indulge in a burst of nostalgia and sweetness with our Fruity Pebbles Candle. Inspired by the iconic breakfast cereal loved by generations, this fragrance captures the playful and fruity essence of a childhood favorite.


At its heart, the Fruity Pebbles fragrance unveils the delightful aroma of sweetened rice cereal, infused with vibrant fruity flavors that tantalize the senses. Bright notes of citrus and berry dance in the air, evoking memories of Saturday mornings and carefree laughter.


As the candle burns, whispers of vanilla and marshmallow emerge, adding a creamy sweetness to the fragrance while infusing your space with a sense of warmth and comfort. Subtle undertones of caramel and musk provide depth and richness, creating a captivating aroma that brings to mind the joy of indulgence and simplicity.


Handcrafted with care using premium soy wax blend, our Fruity Pebbles candle ensures a clean and long-lasting burn, allowing you to bask in its delightful fragrance for hours on end. Whether you're seeking to brighten your home with the scent of childhood nostalgia or simply craving a touch of sweetness, let the Fruity Pebbles candle transport you to a world of playful whimsy and sugary delight.

Fruity Pebbles Scented Candle 8 oz

  • Why you should try our candle:

    Burns for approximately 40-45 hours

    Infused with natural essential oils

    Our premium, proprietary wax blend is formulated to provide the best fragrance experience

    Quality cotton wicks

    High-quality from beginning to end

    Comes with a twist-on lid

    The perfect gift for anyone

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