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Step into the timeless allure of a Cuban cigar lounge with our Cuban Cigar candle. Inspired by the rich aroma and sophisticated ambiance of a traditional cigar room, this fragrance captures the essence of luxury and refinement.


At its core, the Cuban Cigar fragrance unveils the robust and complex scent of premium tobacco leaves, enveloping your space in a warm and inviting embrace that exudes sophistication. Bold notes of earthy tobacco mingle with hints of spicy pepper and aromatic cedarwood, creating a captivating aroma that evokes the sensation of savoring a fine cigar.


As the candle burns, whispers of leather and musk emerge, adding depth and complexity to the fragrance while infusing your space with a sense of elegance and indulgence. Subtle undertones of amber and vanilla provide warmth and sweetness, creating a luxurious aroma that lingers in the air like a lingering memory.


Handcrafted with care using premium soy wax blend, our Cuban Cigar candle ensures a clean and even burn, allowing you to immerse yourself in its captivating fragrance for hours on end. Whether you're unwinding after a long day or simply seeking to create a sophisticated ambiance in your home, let the Cuban Cigar candle transport you to a world of timeless indulgence and refined luxury.

Cuban Cigar Scented Candle 8 oz

  • Why you should try our candle:

    • Burns for approximately 40-45 hours
    • Infused with natural essential oils
    • Our premium, proprietary wax blend is formulated to provide the best fragrance experience
    • Quality cotton wicks
    • High-quality from beginning to end
    • Comes with a twist-on lid
    • The perfect gift for anyone
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